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Dear Santa,

I was a good dog this year. Every morning, I made sure that Keith and Carole got up early, and I took Carole for her walk. Then I helped with leftovers from breakfast and lunch. All day, I guarded the house, growled and barked at intruders: delivery people, squirrels, cats and dogs. Later in the afternoon, I took Carole for another walk and reminded her to make dinner. Sometimes it was hard to keep Keith and Carole on schedule, but I did my best.

This year, I was very brave. On our walks, I saw scarecrows, ghosts, snowmen and other scary two-eyed creatures – I was even a little afraid of you, Santa! But I stayed by Carole’s side and protected her from danger. I also didn’t like boxes piled in the car, sliding around and making noise. But I always got in the car next to the scary boxes when Keith told me. The scariest thing was the new doggie shower. I did not like having my collar taken off, but I loved the rubdowns. That’s my favorite. Afterwards, Keith and Carole always put my collar back on me. That’s my favorite.

I was a little bad, too, but I can explain. On the mountain or at Grandma or Grandpa’s houses, I ran around with sticks and sometimes chased deer into the woods. But I always came back quickly, and sometimes I got treats. I like treats. They’re my favorite.

Carole put my stocking on the tree. I sat and stayed patiently for the pictures.

Oh, here comes Keith. Maybe he has a treat. Did I tell you that I like treats?

From a loyal, treat-loving dog,